Commercial Ice Maker Ice Storage Bin - Skope SILO S220 Ice Cube Storage Bin

Skope SILO S220 Ice Cube Storage Bin

Skope SILO S350 Ice Cube Storage Bin

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For more details on the Skope SILO S350 Ice Cube Storage Bin, please see below or refer to the downloadable manufacturer specification sheet.

Store and transport ice from your SPIKA or GALA commercial ice machine with the extra capacity of the SILO S350 Ice Cube Storage Bin. Indispensable for scaled-up ice-making requirements, this bin also benefits service delivery by helping you avoid ice spills and speeding up the transfer of ice to drinks.

Features & Benefits

  • Stores up to 350kg of ice for your ITV SPIKA or GALA Ice Cube Maker.
  • Transfer ice three times faster whilst avoiding spillage.
  • An indispensable element in order to produce large amounts of ice.
  • Easy to clean thanks to seamless one-piece vat design with rounded corners.
  • Drainage system designed to collect and direct water to the drain keeping the bin clean and dry.
  • Hard sanitary polyethylene one piece liner, resistant to blows and scratches.
  • Use a stacking kit to position an appropriate ITV ice maker on top and achieve ultimate space utilization.
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience / Petrol / Supermarkets, Food Production, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation, Schools, Medical / Aged Care, Bakery / Pastry.

If you have any further questions about the Skope SILO S350 Ice Cube Storage Bin, please call our friendly and expert team on 1300 131 700 for helpful advice.

Brochure & Specifications: