Commercial kitchen equipment is the lifeblood of any thriving hospitality venue. From local takeaways to gourmet restaurants, every establishment that serves delicious and appetising meals to its customers needs reliable appliances that stand the test of time.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Benefits

Far more durable than conventional household models, commercial kitchen equipment endures the pressures of intense use and offers efficient solutions for the most demanding kitchens. There are many different kinds of commercial kitchen equipment to choose from and the solutions best suited to you will depend on the nature and size of the products you are cooking. The defining factor of any successful enterprise is having the right tools available. Whether you’re starting a cafe from scratch or upgrading your current setup, selecting the right commercial kitchen equipment often takes a bit of research and planning. Dealing with a supplier that has years of experience in helping customers find solutions that work for them can drastically improve the outcome for your business. At One Stop Wholesaler, we're here to help!

Make your Kitchen Run Smoothly with the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

For many commercial kitchens, the essentials include items such as ovens, deep fryers, grills and microwaves. In recent years, combination ovens (or combi ovens) have grown in popularity and many chefs are enjoying the wide array of cooking applications that these single ovens afford. Other popular types of commercial kitchen equipment includes pizza ovens, toasters, salamanders, chicken rotisseries, donut machines, hot dog makers and more. The possibilities are endless.

Buy your Commercial Kitchen Equipment from One Stop Wholesaler

At One Stop Wholesaler, we stock a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment from brands such as Garland, Unox, Hobart, Roband and Rational. These tried and tested appliances offer you innovative ways to cut costs and save time, helping you to make the most out of your resources.