Commercial Chip Warmers

Whether you are serving up cones of loaded fries or offering piping hot chips alongside your burgers, a commercial chip warmer will transform the taste of your food and keep customers coming back for more. A commercial chip warmer is like a min storage area for freshly fried chips. These unique pieces of catering equipment feature a metal tray like storage area and then heating  elements above which project heat onto the chips below.

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Key Benefits of a Commercial Chip Warmer

These appliances are compact enough to fit on a counter top but innovative enough to make a huge impact on your sales and operations. Chip warmers are ideal for extending the life and enjoyability of hot chips, dim sims, spring rolls and almost any other types of deep-fried food. Say goodbye to soggy onion rings that you end up sliding into the waste disposal unit and say hello to delicious and crisp food that stays fresher for longer. With stainless steel base trays and heat-warming lamps that are located in close proximity above, they are incredibly flexible pieces of commercial catering equipment that can help your chips go the distance. Simply add your freshly cooked fries or other foods to the warmer and it will keep them hot and crunchy for hours. Not only will this allow you to cut down on food waste but it also means that you can cook larger volumes at once and have them on standby for later, saving you and your team time and effort.

Our Commercial Chip Warmer Range at One Stop Wholesaler

Explore our range of Roband chip warmers to find the perfect time-saving and waste-cutting solution for your commercial kitchen. If you are on the lookout for more ways to keep a wide variety of foods warm, browse our selection of bain maries.