Purell hand sanitiser was invented and introduced in 1988 in the USA by Gojo, as a response to the requirements of healthcare workers and restaurant operators looking for ways to reduce the transmission of germs. While healthcare workers needed germ protection for their hands when they could not access soap and water, restaurant operators needed to reduce the risk of food contamination from dirty hands.

Today, Purell hand sanitisers are the market leaders in the hand sanitiser category, preferred by consumers across the world. Purell hand sanitiser products are tested against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms and have resulted in more than 99.99% reduction of those organisms. However, the Purell sanitisers have succeeded not just because of their effectiveness, but also because they are convenient and gentle on the hands. With Purell available in dispensers or easy-to-carry packs, one no longer needs a hand-washing station to clean their hands. Moreover, the sanitisers are available in refreshing fragrances, so they are a pleasure to use as well.

The use of hand sanitisers has been shown to reduce infection-related absenteeism in schools and workplaces by nearly 20%. Highly effective products like the Purell Advanced Hand Sanitiser can be used repeatedly whenever hands are not visibly soiled. Additionally, there is no harmful residue left on hands after use. Purell remains one of the most well-recognised brands in the world today. At One Stop Cleaning Supplies we have a wide range of Purell products and look forward to meeting your needs. View our range online or call us today on 1300 131 700.

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