When it comes to cleaning supplies and equipment, Oates is definitely Australia’s leading brand. The iconic brand is a part of FHCS (Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions), a leading global supplier of cleaning systems, laundry and household care products. The Oates business originated as a family-run one in 1930. Today, the Oates range of cleaning products covers nearly 2000 products and serves a variety of customers ranging from hospitals, airports, mass merchants and supermarkets to export customers outside Australia.

If you have any particular cleaning requirement, chances are that one or more Oates cleaning products will be suitable for it. Oates manufactures everything you can require when it comes to cleaning, from outdoor and indoor brooms to mops and mop buckets; from dusters and scrubbers to squeegees and sponges; and from rubbish bins and caution signs to janitorial carts. Oates cleaning products will work for indoor cleaning, outdoor cleaning as well as automobile cleaning requirements.

Oates also offers colour coded products that help to reduce the risk of cross contamination between different areas of the workplace. Colour coding products helps to ensure that the right product is used to clean specific areas, thus minimising the risk of bacteria transfer between cleaning zones. Oates offers an extensive colour coded range of products across many categories including mops, buckets, brooms, cloths, wipes, handles and accessories.

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