Haaga Sweeping Systems is a German company that has been at the forefront of sweeping technology for over 40 years now. Haaga products are all manufactured in Germany under strict quality control, with a high importance given to environment-friendly and CO2-neutral production practices. Haaga battery sweepers are modern and the best in their class sweeping machines today.

Haaga products, be it battery sweepers or manual sweepers, are all characterised by their ease of use thanks to an intelligent airflow system with two special filters. In addition, the ISweep technology allows all the gears in Haaga sweepers to be self-lubricating, improving their durability and overall life cycle. The sweepers are designed with patented turbo sweeping technology to achieve high efficiency cleaning in a single pass. This will save you significant labour costs while keeping your facility clean and free of dust and debris. The brand’s confidence in their products is visible from the fact that all Haaga products come with an industry-leading 4-year warranty on all brushes.

Today, Haaga battery sweepers are being used in a variety of places like hotels, farms, warehouses, healthcare facilities, factories, apartment buildings etc. This is because Haaga sweepers are belt-free, easy to use, low maintenance and will do the job faster than any other sweeping machines. Whether you need sweepers for indoor or outdoor use, wet or dry use, and for use over carpeting, asphalt or tiled surfaces, Haaga sweepers will pick up everything from large debris to fine dust. Get a Haaga and go stress-free from One Stop Cleaning Supplies today.

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