Known best for their invention of the Purell hand sanitiser, Gojo is a privately-held company based in Ohio, USA with facilities in four continents. Gojo has been using science and innovation for 70 years now to develop reliable solutions for hand hygiene and surface sanitisation. Their Purell hand sanitiser was the first to meet FDA hand hygiene requirements with a single pump. Over the last three decades, Gojo has developed a reputation of trust and reliability across industries and sectors, as a brand that is safe and effective for human and environmental health. Today, Gojo is more or less synonymous with health and hygiene products.

Gojo heavy duty hand cleaners are effective at removing at removing dirt and grime even after heavy duty work in a factory, at a construction site, or in an auto shop. While Gojo started out with hand cleaning solutions and hand sanitisers, today the brand produces a variety of personal care products as well. These include wall-mounted and counter-mounted Purell and Gojo soap dispensers in different sizes including a few touch-free variants, heavy duty hand cleaners for industrial use, as well as Purell hand sanitisers in a very wide variety of sizes and in foam, gel, spray as well as wipe form, for use anywhere – be it office, schools, hospitals, factories, or homes. Gojo also manufactures premium shower/shampoo and Gojo hand wash products to be used with dispensers anywhere. With Gojo products, you can be assured of healthy and happy customers.

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