Combi Ovens - Unox Bakertop XEBC-04EU-E1RM Mind Maps One Countertop

Unox Bakertop XEBC-04EU-E1RM Mind Maps One Countertop

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Hobart HEJ101E Convection Steamer Combi

Unox Bakerlux XESW-03HS-EDDN Speed Pro

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For more details on the Unox Bakerlux XESW-03HS-EDDN Speed Pro, please see below or refer to the downloadable manufacturer specification sheet.

BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro is the world's first and only speed baking oven a convection oven and a speed baking oven in a single piece of equipment. Thanks to the large baking chamber of the Bakerlux SPEED.Pro, you can use the Bake mode to bake up to 3460 x 330 trays of bakery or pastry products, even frozen ones, obtaining perfectly uniform results. The Speed mode allows you to cook and regenerate food, in single or multiple portions, in record time thanks to the combination of controlled hot air flows, microwave technology and the special Speed.Plate baking tray that transmits heat by contact, perfectly toasting all bread-based products.



  • Maximum Temperature: 260°C.
  • Fans: 1 fan speed with auto-reverse function.
  • Up to 9 cooking steps.
  • 24 fast programs (12 speed and 12 bake).


  • 384 programs bake.
  • 384 programs speed.
  • CHEFUNOX: Automatic cooking programs (bake).
  • SPEEDUNOX: Automatic cooking programs (speed).


  • SPEED.Plus: generates microwaves and distributes them evenly throughout the baking chamber.
  • DRY.Plus: DRY.Plus expels humid air from the baking chamber to help the internal structure of the product to form properly, creating a texture that remains perfect for hours.
  • AIR.Plus: AIR.Plus guarantees perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber, for uniform results at every point throughout every tray.


  • USB data: download / upload HACCP data.
  • USB data: download / upload programs.
  • INTEGRATED LED: Yellow and green lights indicate the active cooking mode.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 cooking chamber with retrofit washing.

If you have any further questions about the Unox Bakerlux XESW-03HS-EDDN Speed Pro, please call our friendly and expert team on 1300 131 700 for helpful advice.

Brochure & Specifications: